As a design challenge to myself,  I am re-designing the enemy creatures from the 1999 game, Silent Hill. I have played Silent Hill 2, 3 and 4 when I was younger, and the vibe and feel of the game always fascinated me.

I also think it's a great way to pay homage to the original creators of the game. Especially Masahito Ito, who was the creature designer on the original game.

I will try to make each creature as they appear in the game, and go from there. Naturally some creatures will take longer than others to complete.

Another unique challenge of this project, is the poly-count from the original game. It forces me to design within a certain parameter, but still gives me enough freedom to add my own vision to them.

I hope you'll enjoy the creations.

Grey Child

Grey Children, also known as Demon Children, are child-like, knife-wielding monsters in Silent Hill. The Grey Children are the first creatures to be encountered in the town by Harry Mason. After a transition into the Otherworld, Harry is cornered and overcome by Grey Children in an alley, but wakes up at the Cafe 5to2 diner, apparently rescued by officer Cybil Bennett. Grey Children reappear prominently later on in Midwich Elementary School.

A ghost form of these monsters, called Stalkers, later appear in the sewers and Nowhere. Unlike the non-aggressive Larval Stalker, these ghost forms are just as deadly as their grotesque counterpart.

Grey Children are exclusive to the North American version of the game and do not appear in the European or Japanese version. They are instead replaced by Mumblers in these versions, as their appearance was deemed too similar to that of a child by censors.

Grey Children are also found in its film adaptation, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories as DLC.


The Air Screamer

The Air Screamer (also known as Avian Monster (Type A)) is a flying enemy appearing in Silent Hill and Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

The Air Screamer is the second enemy that Harry Mason comes into contact with, as one bursts through the cafe window soon after he observes the radio. It is seen before it is actually encountered, flapping past Cafe 5to2's window.
The Night Flutter is its Otherworld variant.

Its appearance is similar to that of a pteranodon but with the usual characteristics of the series' manifestations: its legs and torso are entirely covered by pale leathery skin and are vaguely humanoid but its elonged head shows two glassy eyes like those of a fish. The creature stands roughly half the height of a human giving it a quite impressive wingspan.


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